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Sam Valich-Dewhurst is the Director of The Values Driven Co and creator of Monostory.


She has been working in communications, qualitative research and brand identity with applications in NFP and commercial strategic planning, behavioural insights, innovation, creative direction, campaign development, copywriting, people and culture, organisational change, policy and public affairs for 20 years.

Sam leads with creative and strategic thinking. Her behavioural DNA profile puts her in the top 3% of creative thinkers. Her Gallup talent DNA is connectedness, adaptability, learner and maximiser. This means that Sam is a bridge builder, an agile decision maker, calm in chaos, loves to learn and empowers teams.

Sam works in strategic and creative partnership with her clients who range from purpose driven leaders, boards, c-suite and management teams to small business start ups and individuals wanting to build a personal brand or a brand for their family..

She is also engaged in a variety of advisory, board and management positions. 

Sam is passionate about being values driven, developing internal brand identity, finding and solving the real problem, creating cultural  alignment and developing strategic and creative direction.

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