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Successful brands are
aligned &
developed from
the inside -out

Your brand is being built from the inside out -forged by the people and culture in your organisation.

Misalignment happens when

  • your brand values, qualities and beliefs are not upheld and shared by your leaders, managers, influencers and staff 

  • your internal culture doesn't match your external communication - sending mixed messages

  • your new product or service isn't integrated well

  • you don't have a clear brand identity or communications strategy

  • you employ someone who isn't aligned with the purpose, vision, mission and core values of the organisation

This is when The Values Driven Co. is asked to help.

In order to create a healthy and aligned brand culture, The Values Driven Co. creates an Alignment Audit:

1.  A briefing session with the key decision maker of the organisation to understand the need

2. Desk research to determine gaps in the internal and external brand 

3. Qualitative conversations with key stakeholders and influencers  

Findings and actionable items from the alignment audit are presented back to the C-suite, executive managers and Board to give a clear scope of brand work that needs to be done.

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