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A brand is
a story
that is always
being told

What story do you want your brand to tell?

Your story isn't just being told by your advertising & marketing. It is being told by your people at every touchpoint. Brand is marketing communications but it is also culture and management. It demands internal clarity, cultural alignment and shared language. 

Whether you are one person, a small business a not for profit, charity or company, the proprietary method, Monostory- meaning One Story - will develop your internal brand identity, values driven language and blueprint for on brand decision making, brand innovation and inside out communications.


A half or one day workshop with you or with the decision makers and influencers in your organisation covers


  1. brand purpose

  2. brand vision

  3. brand mission

  4. brand persona 

  5. brand core values

  6. brand archetype

  7. brand senses

  8. brand dictionary

  9. brand culture

  10. brand counterfeits 

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